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The Importance of Public Domain Genealogy Records

Free genealogy records, also known as public domain genealogy records, server a vital purpose in today’s society.  As families grow more distant from each other, often relocated to other cities or states, their histories become harder to remember and record.  Instead of growing up on the same street as their parents and grandparents did and hearing their family stories over and over again, many children today only see grandparents on holidays and cannot even name their great-grandparents.

Because the passing down of history through oral narration is not occurring as much anymore, genealogy records serve an even bigger importance in today’s society.  In order to learn about their past (and provide more insight into who they personally are as well), many people today rely on free genealogy records to fill that gap.  Records such as birth and death certificates, land sale documents, last will and testaments, and old newspaper articles provide insight into their family history that people of this generation could not obtain otherwise.

By having as many of these historical documents as possible in the public domain, people are provided access to not only their family histories, but that of a country.  As people do genealogy searches and fill in gaps in their own stories, others can then use that work to tie into their histories (assuming it is in the public domain).  Overall, public domain or free genealogy records provide a public service by allowing us to remain connected with our past and continue to learn about our ancestors.