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The Future of Public Domain Genealogy Records

Public domain genealogy records provide a service in today’s society by allowing individuals the ability to research their own family histories without a significant financial investment.  Since many of the genealogy records available are currently in the public domain (and are free genealogy records), there is good precedent for continuing this trend in the future.  However, one of the primary drawbacks to accessing the free genealogy records today is the amount of time and knowledge it takes to conduct a genealogy search.

One of the largest impacts that has recently been made to the future of public domain genealogy records is the massive efforts that have been put forth to organize the free genealogy records into an easily searchable format.  Many organizations from around the country (and even around the world) have contributed to making genealogy records more accessible to the common person.  For example, the Mormon Church, which greatly values family history, has set up its own database to help people search online for their ancestors.  Efforts like this and the many others that are occurring will help protect the future of public domain genealogy records by making them more accessible.

Additionally, as people learn more about their personal family histories from free genealogy records, their genealogy searches expand.  This creates a cycle of information being added and organized in the public domain, which the next person can then build off of when doing their genealogy search.  Overall, the future for public domain genealogy records is a bright one.