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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Public Domain Genealogy? Public Domain Genealogy is a collection of genealogy resources, search sites, and databases that are free of charge. In the interest of being as complete as possible, we enhance the selection with links to fee-based sources and sites with even more genealogy records. We have written many articles on this subject, so be sure to read those to find out more. The mission of our website is to help educate genealogy researchers about public domain genealogy and help researchers find wonderful public domain genealogy records to enjoy.

How many Public Domain Genealogy records can I access after I join this site? After you join our site you will get full access to all of the public domain genealogy resources that we have. There is no limit, and you can come back to our site as often as you want and use our free genealogy resources.

Can I give my username and password to my friend so he/she can use your site as well? No. You are required to keep your username and password private and for your own individual access only. If your friend wants to use our service, then he/she would need to apply for their own account here.

How are you able to give away your service for free instead of charging for it? Our website is supported by advertising, so we do not require researchers to pay any fees in order to access our Members' Area and use our genealogy resources. After you register, you will see some advertisements before you access our Members' Area. You are not required to accept any of our sponsors' advertisements in order to access our Members' Area. If you are not interested in the advertisements, you can click "Skip" or "Pass" to move past each advertising page.

How can I contact you? Click here for our contact information.